LCWB-11.3-#15Little did Scott Plein and Mack Smith know they were creating an entire industry when they founded their first company, KT Enterprises, but that is exactly what they did. Our roots go back to 1976, when our founders established a local landscape company. KT started out small but began to grow and establish long standing relationships with the finest builders and developers in the Northern Virginia area. After repeatedly hearing from their clients about dealing with too many contractors resulting in projects behind schedule and over budget, KT decided to broaden its spectrum and branch out to better meet customers’ needs. First they started with hardscape then electrical which lead to irrigation and then site development, and eventually resulting in the beginning of introducing five individual companies, networked together, to give a new meaning to a ‘full service site development package.’

Together, our networked group of associates, have the resources to provide solutions to make development happen from start to finish. Creating a comprehensive team approach to every project now ensures a seamless execution of all trades. Working through this concept offers more cost effective services to our clients, as well as the assurance that the customer will be dealing with one contractor for the many different facets involved in the site development process. By having complete control of the site work development and manpower needs, schedules can be coordinated as necessary to reach your desired goals.

Our principals take pride in being involved in all of the companies’ daily operations and ultimately each customer’s satisfaction. With owner involvement in every project, no matter what the need is, our clients count on us to provide solutions. We have never failed to complete any awarded contract and are consistently considered as one of the most reliable site development companies in the region.